The Mobile Landscape

Reaching a fan wherever they are, and engaging them with a unique experience is the goal of any good mobile strategy. Understanding your fans and their mobile behavior expectations is key.

From a study by CNET in February 2012, people use news readers on their iPhones any time they have spare minutes during the workday. But in the evening, they settle in on their iPads for longer, more relaxed stretches of time.

Referred to as the “Starbuck Moment” a mobile user standing in line waiting for their latte will pull out their smartphone looking for quick pieces of information or data. Once they sit down with their coffee they reach for their tablet for a deeper, easier more rich experience.

Sports fans take the “Starbuck Moment” to new heights. They are looking for new and current news and content at all times of the day on any device they have at their disposal. The younger the demographic the more likely they are use to utilize everything on their smartphone.