About Us

We love what we do and it shows

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: enhance the fan experience when they are in-venue. We want to give them an experience they can only get when they are in the venue. Stay at home? No way – you’ll miss out on really connecting with the game and the team. Our goal is to engage the fan in what’s happening, not distract them from the game.

FanConneX is the premier in-venue fan experience. No one has the 9 years of experience & background we do with building a complete fan experience. We’re not app builders, we’re experience builders.

Our Roots

Prior to starting FanConneX, Mike and Maureen founded Birdsall Interactive in 1991. Early pioneers of interactive design, they built their first web site for Silicon Graphics in 1995. Experts at user experience, they built their business on solid designs and easy to use web sites.

FanConneX is Born

FanConneX started in 2003 with a challenging project for the San Francisco Giants. What could we do with the largest WiFi network in a sports venue? The goal was to enhance the fan experience and engage the fan when they were at the Park.

With our extensive background in user experience design, moving into a mobile scenario was easy. It’s more than making a web site viewable on a mobile or WiFi enabled device. It’s about giving the user a satisfying, interactive experience. Easy to navigate content that is robust, relevant & fast loading will keep users coming back.

The success of FanConneX skyrocketed with the introduction and success of the iPhone in June of 2007. Fans had the device in their pocket when they came to the Park, and it made them the ultimate power fans.

We now apply the underlying concept & values of FanConnex to many other scenarios. College campuses, museums, conference centers, schools, trade shows – basically anywhere there is a network & a desire to connect users. If you offer the user content that enhances their experience when they are in your venue, they’ll skip the couch or web cast for a personal experience.


How do we do all this? Technology & the mobile landscape is a rapidly shifting landscape. We have an incredible network of partners with polished solutions. We seamlessly connect the right team for your project, or work with your pre-selected providers, or your internal team. We’re easy to partner with, and bring our “A-Team” to every project. Let us show you what we can do – we love what we do & can’t wait to see what’s next!