The Parking App

Our Vision

It’s the day of the event and things are chaotic. Even though you pre-planned there’s always last minute requests for parking, and people going to the wrong lots. With the FanConneX parking application you can manage that chaos easily. Adding people to a parking lot and checking people in is easy.


The FanConneX parking application has been running at Talking Stick Resort Arena since 2013. FanConneX manages the server and application so it’s always available when you need it.


– secure log in for both admin and parking lot attendant
– multiple people can be logged in at one time
– upload a list of requests or add request manually
– add events at the beginning of the year or on the fly
– generate reports you need to manage the parking
– show locations of parking
– have a quick contact list available to the lot attendants
– attendants can easily check people in
– attendants can add notes to each check in

Goals and Objectives

The parking application is designed to manage the chaos and make your life easier. Event day is less stressful and more organized when you can manage the experience.

Let FanConneX help you.