Lead Generation Mobile Games

Lead Generation

Thousands of dollars are spent at conferences in hopes of finding a qualified lead. Our technology makes it fun for conference attendees to give you their contact information.

We’ve created a trivia game you can customize and incent people to play by offering prizes.

How It Works

  • The user gets an email directing them to URL to play the game
  • They are able to add an icon to their home screen
  • You can brand the game to match your firms look and feel
  • The user is directed to a page to create an account or log in
  • Once logged in, the user can play the game once each day
  • You pick how many times a day or how many days the game can be played.
  • You pick how many questions each game will have
  • Questions are randomly selected for each game
  • You can add new questions as often as you like

The leader board shows the top scores based on the number of correct questions; latest game and overall scores each day are shown.

Base Modules

AuctionConneX offers the following great features:

  • Browse and select the memoribilia you want to win
  • Create an account
  • You are sent a text if your maximum bid is surpassed
  • You can increase your maximum bid in hopes of winning the item
  • You are notified that you are the winner and can pick up your item at the venue

From the Dashboard you can

  • Instantly check how many people are using the game, what they are looking at and what smartphone they are using
  • Add, delete or edit questions