Websites and Portals

Web Sites and Portals

When companies and organizations want to create effective internal communications platforms, they turn to FanConneX. We have extensive experience designing and developing robust portals that keep everyone connected.

We are UX pros, so we can help you determine the best content to include. More importantly though, we’ll structure it so everything is easily found. We’ve done lots of these, and can work with your team to help them get the most out of a paperless presence.

We then create visual designs that incorporate your brand, and make it a seamless extension of your existing materials. We have over 15 years of professional design experience, so it’ll be beautiful. Once it’s ready to build out in HTML, you’ll have several development & delivery options:

  • we can use our extensive background in SharePoint, web development or any other CMS you prefer to complete the build
  • we can turn over layered Photoshop files for your team to build out
  • we can develop HTML templates for your team to implement & flow content & launch