Concierge – Tablet Suites App

The Vision

Imagine what the guest suite experience would be if your suite staff had a way to document details and refresh themselves on those details before each event. An off-the-cuff comment like “it’s my wife’s birthday next game” is an opportunity to shine when there are birthday balloons or a card waiting in the suite next game.

The Background

FanConneX has developed a mobile application designed for a tablet. You provide the tablet to your suite staff and the network connection, and the application is available to anyone with the password log in.

Completely configurable, the Concierge App works like this:

  1. Each suite Concierge has a Tablet.
  2. The suite Concierge logs into the Tablet app using your network
  3. Once logged in, the Concierge selects either a suite or loge check in type, then the specific suite or loge.
  4. Once in the specific suite or loge, the Concierge can add guest names, and if the guest checked a coat or checked out an Tablet.
  5. The Concierge can add notes to the record for that game or add notes for future game
  6. Notes can be about maintenance issues (beer spilled on chair, molding missing) or about future events (my wife’s birthday).
  7. Notes are saved and can be downloaded for letter reference

The Results

  • Learning curve minimal
  • No app down time
  • 15 notes a game recording maintenance issues and client comments
  • At a Wild game a client mention that they were  bringing their son to his first game later that month.  The staff quickly documented that in the app  and were able to proactively have a visit by the mascot with a gift all set for the child’s first visit.

The Technology

While providing a leading edge offering to facilities, the FanConneX Concierge Application solution makes use of industry standard software and tools to ensure compatibility, future growth, and ease of support. Specifically the solution is made up of:

  • Client Systems using a web browser (WiFi enabled tablet or laptop)
  • Server Systems running a web server

One of the most important aspects of the system’s architecture is that the suite concierge staff can access the system without downloading any software. They use what comes pre-configured on the devices from the factory – the web browser. In fact, the system is built to complete all customization and processing on the server side and deliver simple html to your staff.

What they’re saying

“When operating premium event spaces, the brand you communicate is extremely important. We were looking for a company that could deliver an application on a mobile device (with a non-mobile backup!) that not only helped us manage the many tasks of check in, check out and issues management in our premium seating spaces, but did so in a way that helped reinforce our brand connection to technology. FanConneX listened to our needs and delivered, paying special attention to the details, that really made the application effective.” Jim Ibister – VP Operations Xcel Energy Center