FanConneX – In-venue Mobile App

FanConneX is the premier sports mobile web application that enhances the in venue fan experience. FanConneX delivers content and features the fan can ONLY get when they are at the game.

FanConneX was launched in 2004 at Oracle Park with the San Francisco Giants, and is currently at:

  • Stanford Stadium
  • Maples Arena
  • Xcel Energy Center
  • Minnesota Wild
  • Beaver Stadium

FanConneX was also at both the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions(RNC in Tampa, FL and the DNC in Charlotte, NC).

How It Works

FanConneX runs over your existing network – either DAS or WiFi, and is accessible by typing in a domain name. Using any smartphone and typing the URL in the browser will launch the FanConneX mobile web application.

Any smartphone with a web browser and an internet connection can launch the mobile web application, and the experience is not limited to a single cell carrier.

The FanConneX web server is installed in your venue and connected to your network. This makes FanConneX accessible only when the fan is in your venue. Videos of in-game plays are limited to your venue so there are no rights issues.

Video replays of a play appear on the users’ smartphone less than 10 seconds after the play happens. Your existing video operator takes replays they have created for your video board and sends them to our server. Our application converts, saves and distributes the video to the user in less than 10 seconds. And the video is only viewable in your venue.


FanConneX was developed so you could chose different modules to add to the base package that will make your fan experience unique to your team. We want to enhance, not distract, the fan experience and have 9 years of proven mobile fan experience.

Base Modules

FanConneX has a base package that comes with these great features:

  • Video Hightlights
  • 3 fun games; hangman, memory and trivia
  • Food Finder
  • Live Stats
  • News and scores Around the League
  • Schedules and Maps
  • Banner Advertising

FanConneX can be customized by adding any of these other features:


The FanConneX Dashboard is the brains of the application. This is your customized view of the FanConneX app. From the Dashboard you can:

  • Instantly check how many fans are using FanConneX, what they are looking at and what smartphone they are using
  • Add, delete or edit trivia or hangman game questions
  • Upload new sponsor banners and promotions
  • Announce promotions during the game
  • Upload recap videos; big hits, great tackles, awesome plays
  • Add upcoming events to the calendar