AuctionConneX – Mobile Auctions

AuctionConneX is a new and unique way to hold memorabilia auctions. Our application makes it easy for someone to find, bid and win the item they want right from their smartphone. Find an item and place a bid, then get a message if your bidis no longer the highest bid. This give the user the chance to increase their bid, thereby helping you maximize your offering.

How It Works

  • The venue, team or charity uploads images and sets the price for each item
  • A user creates an account and enters their credit card information
  • A user sets their bid amount and maximum bid
  • The user is sent a message if they were out bid and they have a chance to increase their bid
  • When the user is the winner bidder their credit card is charged
  • The user either picks up their item at the venue or the item is shipped to them by the group.

Base Modules

AuctionConneX offers the following great features:

  • Browse and select the memoribilia you want to win
  • Create an account
  • You are sent a text if your maximum bid is surpassed
  • You can increase your maximum bid in hopes of winning the item
  • You are notified that you are the winner and can pick up your item at the venue

From the Dashboard you can:

  • Instantly check how many people are using AuctionConneX, what they are looking at and what smartphone they are using
  • Add, delete or edit items