Our Vision

Imagine what the student experience can be with the use of your existing campus-wide WiFi network and our CampusConneX application. Potential students walking on your campus for the first time can find their way right away. Current students can meet up easier for study groups. Never lost, never alone, always feeling part of the campus.


Our current application, FanConneX, has been running at AT&T Park for the past 7 seasons. FanConneX manages content for WiFi enabled stadiums and arenas. It is designed to enhance the fan experience while they are in-venue through offering unique features only available within the arena and creating additional opportunities for sponsorship and mobile marketing.


• Viewing of real-time statistics and streaming video
• Interactive gaming and contests
• Integration with in-house score board
• Ability to script events in advance or during the game
• Targeted advertising by seating section and/or by device to increase value to sponsors
• Detailed traffic reporting

CampusConneX leverages FanConneX

With our extensive and premier experience, our goal is to leverage FanConneX into different areas. Museums, conference centers, and retail centers are a few different verticals we are exploring. We feel Campus’ have a huge opportunity and are our #1 new target vertical.

We are passionate about education, and feel that campuses have a huge opportunity to grow from this technology. Students, educators and potential students would all experience the immediate benefits. We also know that higher education has the forward vision and the talent to collaborate with us to create something truly exceptional, designed just for campuses.

Goals and Objectives

The basic solution for campuses consists of web based content accessible from a variety of devices via a WI-FI network. Key objectives include:

  • A branded CampusConneX portal for your campus including content exclusive to you
  • Device authentication for different WiFi enabled devices eliminating the download of additional plug-ins or applications
  • Easy updating and creation of content – no need to revise multiple native applications
  • Custom views and content formatted for notebook computers, netbooks and smart phones
  • Monitoring for web traffic traveling through the portal
  • Registration vehicle that enables student and guest account creation and management
  • Easy to manage admin console to operate and manage the system